Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fabric Rose Tutorial

DIY Fabric Rose

For this, you'll need 8 fabric circles (size as you want). Here I used a glass to make my circles.

Cut the circles, then fold it in half.  
After that, starts to sew the open edge.

Sew all circles using the same line to the last one. When the first circle meets the last one you have to close as shown the step 7.

First build with 5 circles, then you repeat the same process with 3 circles. Then you glue both parts using hot glue. 

 End the flower with some decorations...

Fabric Flower Tutorial

DIY Fabric flower

 1 - You can cut the flower with a scissor or using a Sizzix Big Shot Machine (here I used the Tim Holtz Alterations BIGZ Die cut Tattered Florale). You'll need 10 fabric flowers and 1 paper flower. You can use 2 different fabric as shown in the picture or just one fabric for all flower.

2 - Now, fold each fabric flower twice as you can see. 
Everytime you fold, you need to put a tiny dot hot glue in the middle. It will help to hold the fold.

3 - The paper flower will be our base. Then you can glue the fabric flower on the base

4 - The flower starts to appear.

5 - Keep doing until the last fabric flower

6 - End it with a half pearl.

That's it!!!! Here is our first tutorial!!! 

I hope you enjoyed it!
Hi my friends...

 I decided to share with all of you some tutorials, and I hope it can help you to make beautiful handmade gifts.

Keep in your mind, that crafts always will be unique and exclusive piece for anyone. 
And it is exactly why the crafts is so especial. 

Make by yourself something special for someone, is so good because you can put your feelings, your love, your positive energy on this piece.

Let's try????

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hi friends,
 I'm so excited to start my new blog!!!
Here we'll share a lot of great ideas for personalized and unique gifts...
If you are looking for something special to express your love and care this is the place for you.
We can make someone very happy with a special present with handmade items.
Let me know if you have questions or would like to place an order!!!
Thank you !!!
Fatima Marini

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